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Family and Friends: Many times, I have toyed with building a photo gallery site. This was pre-Facebook, Snapchat, iPhoto Cloud, Flickr, Instagram, and every other social media photo sharing platform ever imagined. Maybe I was a little ahead of my time (in the 90's, my friends all questioned why anyone would want to share their photos publicly) but it had some uses back then. Now, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have more than filled those needs, but there is still a use, for me, to have a personal gallery for casual snaps. Here they are.

Go ahead, flip through some photos: laugh at my worst, share your thoughts, and most important of all, enjoy some photography... and some everyday snaps. You can view photos by browsing the albums listed on this page, viewing the best rated images, searching by things like the title, or by photographic style using tags.

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Abstract Photography 12 elements
Action Camera 6 elements
Adventure Riding 387 elements
Advertising Photography 20 elements
Altered Reality 1 element
Architectural Photography 139 elements
Beauty Photography 8 elements
Black & White 5 elements
Camera Phone 156 elements
CAPA 6 elements
Cityscape Photography 30 elements
Close Up Photography 33 elements
Experimental Photography 2 elements
Fashion Photography 4 elements
HDR Photography 1 element
I Took Your Picture 61 elements
Landscape Photography 263 elements
Lifestyle Photography 65 elements
Lighthouse 32 elements
Logo 1 element
Long Exposure 3 elements
Nature Photography 45 elements
Newborn Photography 13 elements
Night Photography 22 elements
Panoramic Photography 5 elements
Photo Stream 9 elements
Photojournalism 7 elements
Portraiture 352 elements
Resettled Town 21 elements
Routes 2 elements
Seascape Photography 52 elements
Still Life Photography 19 elements
Street Photography 29 elements
Travel Photography 70 elements
Wedding Photography 4 elements
Wildlife Photography 22 elements
Worldwide Photowalk 10 elements

My Favourites (These are more personal choices.)

  • Panoramic of Cable John Cove, Newfoundland
    Panoramic of Cable John Cove, Newfoundland
  • HPIM2820
  • Angel on the Organ Pipes
    Angel on the Organ Pipes
  • Three Old Houses
    Three Old Houses
  • Kings Cove, Newfoundland
    Kings Cove, Newfoundland
  • Amber and Pop Picking Flowers
    Amber and Pop Picking Flowers
  • Breakwater Red Rocks at Sunset
    Breakwater Red Rocks at Sunset
  • Rubber Cheque Plant
    Rubber Cheque Plant
  • Amber Goofing with Twins
    Amber Goofing with Twins
  • That Whale and Iceberg Photo
    That Whale and Iceberg Photo
  • Champney's Window
    Champney's Window
  • Anvil and Hammer
    Anvil and Hammer
  • The Duke's Door
    The Duke's Door
  • Harbour Drive Revisited
    Harbour Drive Revisited
  • Uncle's Boat
    Uncle's Boat
  • M. Guihan
    M. Guihan
  • Maria Peddle, The Freels
    Maria Peddle, The Freels
  • Simplicity
  • Beauty
  • Accents on the Square
    Accents on the Square
  • (26) Truth (Short Light Rembrandt)
    (26) Truth (Short Light Rembrandt)
  • Hacker.
  • E. "Stark"
    E. "Stark"
  • Ashley
  • Ashley
  • (23.5) Fuck Yeah
    (23.5) Fuck Yeah
  • Greg Pike - Sunday 25 February 2018
    Great concept here. Love it.
  • Greg Pike - Sunday 25 February 2018
  • Greg Pike - Sunday 25 February 2018
    Love this shot! Great job Ashley & Rob.
  • Karenfsquires - Sunday 20 August 2017
    I like this one too
  • Karenfsquires - Sunday 20 August 2017
    I like this one